FeltGIS introducing

FeltLogg and FeltBoks

Data collection of production data to cloud services

FeltBoks and FeltLogg makes data collection from harvesters and forwarders easy and automatic using cloud services, with or without mobile coverage!


FeltBoks is a mini computer that generates a connection between the forest machine's computer and a mobile device as a smartphone or tablet without any need of software installation. This means that there is almost no needs for maintenance of the the machine's computer on this area. Just some configuration when installing. Works on Windows XP and newer Windows versions.


Feltlogg is an app for iOS and Android which communicates with FeltLogg and is able to log data from harvesters and forwarders. Works with all forestry machine manufacturers. To be used on both smartphones or tablets.

With or without mobile coverage

FeltLogg upload all data in a cloud service. If there is no mobile coverage where the logging takes place, production data is cached on the operator’s app and then uploaded when coming to areas of mobile coverage or WiFi networks.


  • Works with and without mobile coverage
  • Fully automatic. No file management og configuration after installation
  • No need for installation of software and drivers on the machines computer
  • Independent of machine manufacturer
  • No need for an installed mobile network
  • Two-way data communication. Data can also be transferred to the machine’s computer

Full overview

Since collected data is being uploaded to the cloud, all collaborators can get easy access to the forest operations. The forest owner can see what is taken out, the head of the machine company will be updated on the machines progress and sellers and buyers can access relevant information about assortments and volumes.


Production data uploaded to FeltLogg Cloud can be presented in several ways, such as web, email and APIs for integration into the customers own systems.

Custom integration

FeltGIS portfolio solutions can be specifically customised for the customer, such as direct data flow to the customers own server systems. We can supply raw (Stanford data) and components which interprets Standford data and any other data formats.

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